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Alexei's Tree and other stories

From the haunting fairy tale of Alexei’s Tree to the menacing atmosphere of The Plasmid, this collection of 23 original short stories will captivate and entertain.

A Belgian factory acquires a fabulous rough diamond; will it become a priceless gem or shatter it into worthless fragments? What happens when a character escapes from a computer game and lops someone’s head off (Xenos), or when a robot-hating overseer has to submit to a robotic medical examination (Flaubert)? An emaciated figure sits cross-legged on a bed in a ward of a Veterans’ Administration Hospital; who is he and what strange power does he have (The Gift)? A wife’s demands propel her husband a hundred years into the future (The Magnolia Tree). A basset hound plays a key role in the inauguration of a new form of transport (Benson). A biochemist’s attempts at gardening bring about strange changes in the local pet population (The Plasmid)…

The paperback is published by Troubador at £7.99 and may be purchased on a secure page direct from the publishers at All royalties go to the David Baum International Foundation.

"Prof Stanley's stories mean so much to kids caught up in disaster… tales featuring science fiction, humour, fantasy and crime." Jewish Telegraph

ISBN: 1-904744-71-0

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