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Rogue Gene>

A brilliant scientific researcher mixes laboratory work with his new hobby – gardening – with catastrophic consequences.

Red Nebula>

A buried deposit of red crystals sends young archaeologist Martin Dowling on an international quest that puts him in a terrifying dilemma. Because now he's up against an influence that has been around since the dawn of civilization.

Cell Line>

A chance observation leads a young scientist to a valuable drug discovery. But he's reckoned without scientist-saboteurs hired by rival drug companies, who will stop at nothing to acquire it – or destroy it. Action and science!


The fourth novel in the Jim Slater series. Someone is targeting the SAF, but who and why? And who is behind the devastating cyber attacks on the United States? Jim goes to the Yemen and finds himself mixed up in an underworld of espionage and cyber warfare.

Jupiter Run>

Book 3 of the Planetary Trilogy. It's 2159. The syndicate has a plan that could reduce whole cities to helpless drug addiction. Meanwhile Bunny Marshall is establishing an experimental colony on Jupiter's moon Io. When Dan realizes that the colony is in trouble he must choose between his responsibilities as a husband and father and his loyalty to a good friend.

Mars Run>

Book 2 of the Planetary Trilogy. It's 2155. The syndicate's drug factory in Mars orbit has been blown to bits, but production had already been moved. The problem is: where is the new factory, and how can it be destroyed. For Dan Larssen, now a test pilot with Space Fleet, the challenge will be hard to resist.


Saturn Run>

Book 1 of the Planetary Trilogy, an odyssey of the 22nd century. Dan Larssen escapes a dirt-poor background to become a pilot. His future seems assured, but then things go badly wrong...

The Reich Legacy >

The third novel in the Jim Slater series finds him up against a covert right-wing organization. Incarcerated in an apparently escape-proof complex in Mexico, he faces his greatest challenge yet.

The Canterpurry Tales >

A children's story. Bummus McBaggus, a black-and-white moggy, joins a colourful community of cats who have found refuge from rising sea levels in the Scottish highlands. He learns their stories — and discovers that they live in fear of something, something only he has the courage to face.

Counterfeit cover

Counterfeit >

The second novel in the Jim Slater series that started with the The Domino Man. A disastrous mission draws Jim, a Colonel in Special Forces, into an investigation that reveals a deadly international trade. But those behind it are politically powerful and the US government is unwilling to act. Slater is on his own. Can he put an end to it?


Footprints in the Ash >

Two thousand years after the destruction of Pompeii, footprints are uncovered in a layer of ash on mountain slopes a few miles to the south. A joint Anglo-Italian dig is progressing well—until the English archaeologist, Professor Julian Lockhart, disappears mysteriously.

The Tomb cover

The Tomb and Other Stories>

This collection contains forty-one stories in a variety of genres, including sci-fi, fantasy, crime, paranormal, humour, and drama, and ranging from flash fiction to a 15,000-word novella. Many of the stories have been published in magazines or competitions, but this is the first time they have been brought together.

The Domino Man cover

The Domino Man >

A Special Forces soldier holds the key to exposing deceit and treachery at the highest level of the nation. He must work alone and trust nobody. But there's a problem. He's just been executed…

Man in Two Bodies cover

The Man in Two Bodies >

Two young physics graduates make an amazing discovery, which has dark consequences.

NH3 cover


Two British scientists find themselves in a deadly race against a mutant organism that threatens to extinguish all animal life on Earth.

A Bit of Irish Mist >

A Bit of Irish Mist is an illustrated collection of short stories with a fishing theme, all set in the West of Ireland.

Alexei's Tree cover

Alexei’s Tree and Other Stories >

Alexei’s Tree and Other Stories is an anthology of 23 short stories in a variety of genres. (out of print)