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A Bit of Irish Mist

This anthology of eight angling stories embodies the humour and the magic of the West of Ireland. Beautifully produced by Medlar Press, with each story skilfully illustrated by Scott Adkins, it will whisk you away to the Emerald Isle for a few blissfully indulgent hours.


“Ireland and stories go hand in hand, the shame being that most of them end up being told in pubs instead of on paper; so it is very pleasing indeed to see a new set, especially as the author has told them in a variety of styles… There is something here to suit everyone and I can see Irish Mist becoming a great favourite…” Andrew Herd, Waterlog Magazine

“Stanley Salmons . . . if he's not actually Irish . . . he's got a good dose of Irish blood in him. His book has the leisurely pace of a trouting day on a lough . . . eight short, undemanding, easy-to-read, sometimes bitter-sweet stories that are as much about Irish life as fishing, though the angling theme flows through them all. There’s quite a range:  a murder mystery, a fable, a Runyonesque yarn, a ghost story, and my favourite, the delightful tale of an old brass reel bearing mysterious powers…” Keith Elliot, Classic Angling

Format: 112 pp, 200mm x 135mm

Cloth unlimited (in stock) £25.00

Leather (limited edition of 50, in stock) £120.00

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